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Our Story


The Kitchen Ship is a brain/love child of three Friends. For several years we had been catering small family events and eventually the conversation of a food booth at the Oregon Country Fair became regular. Our first voyage was at the Black Sheep Family reunion festival outside of Tidewater Oregon.  After doing a few local festivals and gatherings we were invited to vend at a Halloween fair. Since it was Halloween we decided to all dress as pirates to match our seafood menu. It ended up being so much fun we decided to go full pirate! And so The Frying Dutchman was born… We've vended many festivals such as the Northwest Reggae, Mohawk Valley Music, Cougar Mountain, and several small renaissance and pirate themed fests.

In 2017 we implemented “The Mac”, a menu plan that we developed for the Oregon Eclipse Festival. We had an amazing reception to our Gourmet Mac and Cheese. People loved it! We combined seasonal local ingredients with Cavatappi pasta to create our delicious Mac & Cheese. We believe this simple and easy, yet deliciously decadent menu would be a perfect addition to any festival or event.

As chefs, cooks, musicians and jugglers, story tellers and clowns, We promise to bring a fun professional atmosphere to our booth and its surroundings. We're committed to the importance of food quality as we dress to impress as Scallywags, Swashbucklers, Pirates, spice Smugglers, and Castaways.

2018 was a big year for the kitchen-ship, we added two major events to our season. Come see us in Xavanadu, at the Oregon Country Fair! Also come look for us at Lightening In A Bottle(LIB), CA.


2019...... Wow what a year thus far! so much fun and so much Mac! The Oregon Country Fair's 50th was absolutely amazing! We finished our season at the Mac & Cheese Festival in Portland.


Something's On the Horizon, Probably a good time to head out to sea...

Wow... What a voyage! We've all made it back home safely. 2022 here we come!

2022 has been amazing! Earthdance Re-Evolution, OCF, & Eugene Riverfront have all been wonderful. We had so much fun getting back in the flow! Finishing our season with the Eugene Holliday market was such a treat! Thank you for the amazing support!

Stay Tuned more exciting announcements coming soon!

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